About me

My name is Skippy and I like to have fun on-line. I'm an autistic gay man living in Wisconsin and I spend most of my time exploring the internet, drawing (I have an art gallery over here :-)) and playing games on my iBook G3. I also am objectum-sexual, fictosexual, a furry, and a DID system, among other things.

Some of my interests include old internet & tech culture (I'm a neocities user, this goes without saying :P), object shows, cartoons, animals, and all forms of art.

A few of my favorite musicians:

I hope to use this site to work on my social media addiction and redirect my internet use to something more creative, doing more writing and art rather than time-wasting. I'll be putting anything and everything I think of on here, it's not much so far but feel free to browse around and check back frequently since I will ideally be updating and adding new pages everyday :-)