About my art

I've been drawing for pretty much my entire life and I firmly believe that art is the most important thing in the world. I do both digital and traditional art, leaning more towards digital recently, and the main programs I use are Paintbrush and FireAlpaca. My favorite things to draw at the moment are ponies, object show fanart & sparkledogs :-)

Frequently? Asked Questions

Q: Can I use your art as an icon/header/etc for social media?

A: Probably yes - if it's fanart or some random original art that should be fine. I would prefer if you don't use art of my fursonas as your icons though, and don't use art that's been commissioned by other people if it's not for you. I also appreciate being credited, my username on pretty much everything is froutsuip.

Q: Can I get your art as a tattoo?

A: I don't know why so many people ask me this but sure?? Assuming it's not something super personal to me, or again commissioned by someone else, and if you're really really sure you want that drawing on your body forever... Also you should take a photo and send it to me, and maybe send me a tip on ko-fi for compensation :P

Q: Why did you draw ___?

A: Cause i liek it

Q: Can I make fanart of your OCs/comic?

A: Sure :D Please show it to me if you do... If you tag me in it on tumblr (and I don't miss the notification) I will probably reblog it


(click to view at full size - a more extensive gallery can be found on my tumblr)